Who We Are

Child in Hand has gathered a coalition of experienced professionals to address all that is needed to achieve a lasting and meaningful impact on children confronted by catastrophe. In partnership with Harvard Medical School's Disaster Medical Section and its affiliate, the International Center for Disaster Resilience, we are working in Haiti with over 1,720 children in 10 orphanages and schools. Our plans are to have 25 centers and to serve nearly 4,000 children nationwide in the next two years.

Child in Hand assesses and addresses medical problems the children may have, treats their psychosocial needs and provides for their basic needs such as food, water, clothing, beds and school supplies. We also provide a sports and arts outreach program.

Child in Hand will be partnering with a number of well established local NGO's and Haitian humanitarian aid specialists to accomplish the objectives set forth by the Interim Haiti Reconstruction Committee (IHRC), chaired by the Haitian Prime Minster and former President Clinton.

Why We're Different

Child in Hand is committed to the emotional, behavioral, spiritual and physical healing of the whole child. We put experienced, caring people on site to implement a comprehensive plan and not just a temporary fix so that we can achieve a lasting and meaningful impact on children impacted by natural disasters.